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The Borough of Nazareth is cancelling its January 2021 monthly Workshop Meeting. Normally, the Workshop Meeting would be held on the last Thursday before the first Monday of the month but is cancelled for December 31, 2020 because of the New Year's Eve Holiday. The next Nazareth Borough Council Meeting will be held on Monday, January 4, 2021 and will begin at 6:00 pm. That Meeting will be a "virtual" Remote Meeting and details of how to access that Meeting are contained in an ad in the Nazareth Key. Details are also available here on the Borough

Nazareth Borough Council will be conducting online virtual meeting on December 3, 2020. For more information on how to attend this meeting please click HERE

Borough residents can place Christmas trees out for pickup on Thursday, December 31, 2020, Thursday, January 7, 2021 and Thursday, January 14, 2021. Regular curbside pickup will occur on those days. Residents may also take trees to the parking lot on Sage Street adjacent to the Essroc Soccer Fields facility until January 14, 2021 for disposal.

Mayor Lance Colondo has declared an end to the Nazareth Borough Snow Emergency effective at 4:00 pm on Thursday December 17, 2020. All Borough streets are open and passable to include the metered area of the downtown. Normal parking regulations will be in effect after the Thursday, December 17, 2020 4:00 pm conclusion of the Snow Emergency.

Mayor Lance Colondo has declared a Nazareth Borough Snow Emergency set to begin at 12 noon on Wednesday, December 16, 2020 with a scheduled ending at 10:00 pm on Thursday December 17, 2020. Residents are advised to move their vehicles from Snow Emergency routes and can move them to the lot at the Nazareth Borough Park or available parking in the lot at Bill Gold Field on South Green Street. There is "NO" available parking at the lot adjacent to the Borough Municipal Building at 134 S. Main Street. Access the General Information tab on the left side of the Website Home Page and click on Snow Emergency for Snow Emergency Route street listings and more information. Violators of the Snow Emergency policy will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.

Mayor Lance Colondo has declared a Nazareth Borough Snow Emergency set to begin at 12 noon on Wednesday, December 16, 2020 with a scheduled ending at 10:00 pm on Thursday December 17, 2020. Residents are advised to move their vehicles from Snow Emergency routes and can move them to the lot at the Nazareth Borough Park or available parking in the lot at Bill Gold Field on South Green Street. There is "NO" available parking at the lot adjacent to the Borough Municipal Building at 134 S. Main Street. Access the General Information tab on the left side of the Website Home Page and click on Snow Emergency for Snow Emergency Route street listings and more information. Violators of the Snow Emergency policy will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.

The painful decision to make the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony a virtual event came early on Wednesday, December 2, 2020. Following discussions between the Chamber of Commerce and Borough representatives, it was decided that it would be best to hold the event virtually rather than an in-person, closer contact gathering. The Borough immediately sent out a NIXLE alert and phone calls related the new details of both the December 11th Tree Lighting at 7:00 pm and the next day's Christmas in Nazareth downtown event. That event features free parking, vendors in and around the Circle and other outdoor happenings along with an appearance by Santa and carolers. Check back here as further log-on details will be available here on this website.

Mayor Lance Colondo and Councilwoman Laureen Pellegrino together, will officially present the Brodt Family, owners of the Nazareth Music Center on South Main Street, with a Borough resolution as part of a small in-store ceremony on December 11th. A longtime hub in the downtown, the Nazareth Music Center has taught music and the playing of instruments continuously since 1960. The late Ralph Brodt Jr. purchased Zellner's Music from Wilson Zellner, the originator of the Nazareth Youth Band in the 1950's and then renamed it the Nazareth Music Center, following its purchase in 1960. Together with wife Edith, Brodt, who is still active to this day, they continued that work of instruction, added the sales and rental of instruments, sheet music and other supplies as the business grew and flourished. A testament to the Center's success has been the numerous state and regional awards that the Nazareth High School Band and the Junior High School Band have won over the last several decades. Sons Scott and Ralph III and daughter Nora make the business a family affair as a steady flow of accomplished musicians owe their prowess to the Music Center. The Borough is understandably proud of the Nazareth Music Center and the Brodt Family and thanks them for their six decades of downtown success.

Nazareth Borough Council will be conducting online virtual meeting on December 3, 2020. For more information on how to attend this meeting please click HERE

Nazareth Borough Council unanimously passed a "proposed" $5.26 million dollar 2021 Budget which for the second consecutive year, does not contain a tax increase. Residents will see two new outdoor Pavilions, one within the Pool enclosure and a second one at the Essroc Fields Soccer facility. Both will have concrete pads and picnic tables and hopefully can be rented for small parties and gatherings. An additional $125,000 is set aside in the new budget for street repairs and another $80,000 will help with MS4 Storm Water repairs. The Budget also includes $75,000 in improvements for Council Chambers with plans for a new entry door, ceiling fans, an upstairs handicapped bathroom and a handicapped accessible entry ramp to the building. Council intends to hire an additional full time police officer at the start of the year and hopefully another full time officer at midyear. The proposed Budget will be available for inspection at 134 S. Main Street for ten business days beginning on November 13, 2020. The Budget will be proposed for final approval at the Monday, December 7, 2020 Business Meeting and without a tax increase, no objections to the Budget are expected.

Within the next three weeks, a new Message Center with LED lighting, will replace the three-sided kiosk in the Circle. Financed in part by a Lehigh Valley Chamber Main Street Foundation Grant, the Message Center is two-sided and will feature direct LED lighting. Residents, service organizations, clubs and schhol groups can access the new Message Center or either of the two remaining informational kiosks by going to the Borough Municipal Office at 134 S. Main Street, posting their sign or brochure, then returning the key to the office. The Borough maintains a 30 day posting limit and posters are responsible for repeating the process to take down their information. The new grant financed Town Clock has been bid, approved and is being constructed by the Verdin Clock Company. The 4-sided Clock will be placed at the head of the Main Street Parking Lot with a projected Spring 2021 unveiling and dedication ceremony.

The Borough's Public Works Department has begun coming to your streets to pick up leaves. The procedure for leaf removal is the same as it was in previous years and Borough residents should deposit their leaves for curbside pickup. Please note that piles containing grass clippings, yard waste, branches or any debris other than leaves "will not be picked up". Our removal equipment is designed to only pick up leaves and anything other than leaves will damage our equipment and could cause harm and even serious injury to our cleanup crew. Remember that yard waste and clippings can be dropped off at the Borough's Yard Waste Center on G.W. Stoudt Boulevard until it closes for the season on or about November 30, 2020. There is no set schedule for leaf pickup but all parts of the Borough will be taken care of beginning with the eastern most sections of the Borough first. They are currently being serviced and leaves are being collected. Crews will continue to work their way west until everything is cleaned up. The procedure will repeat until all leaves have been collected and the speed at which this is done depends on weather conditions and the amount of leaves to be retrieved. The Borough Public Works Crew thanks you in advance for your cooperation in this yearly cleanup endeavor.

The Borough of Nazareth is accepting applications for the position of Full Time Police Officer. This is a Civil Service position. Applicants must be a U.S. citizen, be at least 21 years of age and possess a high school diploma or equivalent. As part of the Civil Service process, candidates are required to pass written, oral and polygraph examinations. Candidates must be physically capable of performing the essential functions and tasks of a police officer. Candidates will be subject to a comprehensive background investigation.

Prior to appointment, every applicant must possess a valid PA Driver's License, have successfully completed Act 120 Academy and be capable of MPOETC certification. Application packets can be obtained at the Nazareth Municipal Offices, 134 S. Main Street, Nazareth, PA 18064, Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm or downloaded from the Borough website - - access the Forms and Documents tab on the Home Page - lower left column.

The Application deadline is Friday, September 25, 2020 at 4:00 pm. There is a non-refundable $35.00 application fee, payable in cash or money order.

Completed applications must be hand-delivered or mailed to the Nazareth Borough Municipal Offices and include payment of the $35.00 application fee. The Borough of Nazareth will not accept application packets hand-delivered or post marked after the application deadline or which do not include payment of the application fee.

The written examination will be administered by the Borough of Nazareth Civil Service Commission at Borough Council Chambers, 159 W. Center Street, Nazareth, PA 18064 on October 10, 2020 beginning at 9:00 am.

Physical fitness testing standards will be posted on the Borough website - Applicants are advised to regularly check this website for additional information and other requirements. Please refer to the Civil Service page of the website for all of the requirements of the position. They are listed on that page.

Inquiries should be directed to the Civil Service Commission at:

The Borough of Nazareth is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Borough of Nazareth
134 S. Main Street
Nazareth, PA 18064

The Borough of Nazareth is seeking qualified police officers for part time employment with the Nazareth Police Department. Interested persons must be Act 120 certified. Please apply in person at 134 S. Main Street, lower level (rear). Applications are available on the Borough website. Click on the Forms and Documents tab in the lower left corner of the Home Page to access the applications and hand deliver the completed form to the above address. Business hours are 8:30 am till 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. There is no deadline for applications. Call 610-759-9575 with any questions.

Carl A. Fischl
Chairman, Police Committee
Borough of Nazareth

In an effort to add rentable space for parties and gatherings and some shaded space for days when it is not reserved, the Borough has approved the construction of a small pavilion within the fenced in Pool enclosure. Borough Engineer Albert Kortze has been dispatched to get ideas, designs and costs for a structure of this type and return to Council with a concept that can be approved, constructed and put in place for the 2021 Pool season. Plans call for the facility to be large enough to host pool parties and small gatherings. Council is prepared to consider numerous options but for now, planning is in the very early stages.

Just a reminder to all residents...if you haven't taken the census yet, please do so. Your response helps to direct billions of dollars in federal funds to local communities for schools, roads, and other public services. You can view more information on

Following several weeks in which Nazareth Borough Council delayed a final decision on opening its Pool, at its Monday June 1, 2020 Business Meeting it reluctantly voted to close the Pool for the 2020 season. The delay was caused by Governor Wolf's implementation of his reopening plan and the ever changing and almost daily updates and guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Center For Disease Control about safety in Public Pools. Standards in the Governor's plan would make the Pool's operation extremely difficult with limits to how many people could swim, the use of masks, sanitizing of the bathhouse, showers, handrails and bathrooms plus enforceable guidelines for social distancing. Borough Administration will now begin issuing refunds to all who purchased pre-season pool passes. All purchasers will receive their refunds via U.S. mail.

Despite the early Spring warm weather and the bright skies, it just doesn't seem like Spring in our Borough. Instead of children's laughter and kites flying when going to any of the Borough's parks instead you are greeted with a sign that bluntly states "Park Closed Till Further Notice". The hustle and bustle of a busy Main Street is temporarily gone and so is the crack of the bat at the Borough's many baseball fields. Restaurants sport yellow tape and emergency signs which say "Curbside Pickup Only" and other than fitness conscious joggers and lots of seniors taking their nightly walk, the streets show little activity. The doors of the 134 S. Main Street Borough Offices are locked even though the office is technically open and Borough employees are operating on staggered schedules to help with social distancing while wearing masks and other protective clothing when out in the public. Decisions on Borough meetings in May will be made in the next ten days. Meanwhile, residents are urged to honor state guidelines in an effort to curb the pandemic and get us all back to normalcy at some point...a date yet to be determined.

Nazareth Borough Council's number one concern is the good health and safety of its residents. Accordingly, it is encouraging everyone in our Borough to do what our public health officials have deemed critical to minimizing the spread and effects of the virus through frequent hand washing, cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces and by social distancing. Following the deployment of hand sanitizing liquids and dispensers at both the entrance to the Borough Municipal Building at 134 S. Main Street and to its Police Department on the lower rear entrance of the same building, Council is now considering "safe" options for monthly committee meetings and for the end of the month Workshop Meeting and the April 6, 2020 Business Meeting. Pennsylvania's Sunshine Laws have standards for remote meetings and their broadcast and the requirement for recording those proceedings which must be met. Council is currently weighing all options for their feasibility to include postponing April proceedings until a date later in the month when hopefully things will be safer for us all and even cancelling both Meetings all together. With the landscape for this outbreak changing daily and no decisions finalized currently, Borough Council is following the directives of Northampton County Public Health officials and the County's Emergency Management Department. All Council decisions on these matters will be properly and legally advertised so stay tuned.

Nazareth Borough Council is considering passage of a Curfew Ordinance and invites public commentary on the issue through the Questions and Comments portion of the website or the Police Department Facebook page. Council also welcomes additional commentary in person, at the November 26, 2019 Workshop Meeting and/or the December Business Meeting on December 2, 2019 at 6:00 pm both nights at Council Chambers, 159 West Center Street. The ordinance, if passed, would affect minors under the age of 18 and prohibit their presence on the streets and in all public places or in vehicles, within the confines of the Borough, after 11:00 pm Sunday through Thursday and after 12:00 am (midnight) on Fridays and Saturdays and in each case until 5:00 am in the morning. To read more on this proposal Click Here

Nazareth Borough Council has approved the Borough's "limited" enrollment in an attempt to control the number of free-roaming cats. No Nonsense Neutering of Allentown oversees a Trap-Neuter-Release Program which addresses this ever-growing problem. Council approved a motion to purchase thirty vouchers which residents can obtain with "proof of residency" to begin the process. Residents are limited to four vouchers. No Nonsense Neutering agrees to spay/neuter each feral cat, male or female. Each cat receives a rabies vaccination, a distemper vaccine if 1 year or younger, worming, ear mite and flea treatments-all provided under the terms of their contract with the Borough for the balance of 2019. Each feral cat will receive a green tattoo along the incision and will be left ear-tipped as a universal indication that it has been sterilized and vaccinated. Caretakers are responsible for post-operative care and will be provided with verbal and written instructions and a certificate of rabies vaccination. Additional services or vaccinations are available; however, they are the sole financial responsibility of the caretaker. The process begins with the pickup of the voucher, calling of the trapper who will come out and trap the cats and then proceeds through the medical and re-release process. The Borough's involvement is solely with the issuing of the vouchers complete with the instructions on how to proceed and paying No Nonsense Neutering for the service. To date, the Borough has not committed to a number for the amount of vouchers it will purchase and issue in 2020.

As the weather turns colder and the days become shorter the Fall season is upon us. With the change of seasons, comes the annual ritual of falling leaves. Once again, the Borough Public Works Department will be coming around to pick up these leaves. The procedure for leaf pick up is the same as previous years. Borough residents should deposit there leaves curbside for pick up. Piles that contain grass clippings, yard waste, branches or any other debris will not be picked up. The pick up equipment is designed to pick up only leaves, anything other than leaves can cause possible damage to the machine and serious injury to the pick up crew. Yard waste and grass can be dropped off at the designated drop off area at G.W. Stoudt Boulevard. There is no set schedule for pick up, the crew will start at the east end of town and work their way west until everything is picked up. This procedure will repeat until all leaves are collected. How quickly the crew can cross town depends on weather conditions and the amount of leaves to be picked up. The Borough highway crews thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Keith H. Knecht
Public Works Superintendent
Borough of Nazareth

The spotted lanternfly is an invasive insect that has spread throughout Pennsylvania since being discovered in Berks County in 2014. It poses a serious threat to Pennsylvania agriculture, including the grape, tree fruit, hardwood, and nursery industries, and can become a problem pest to homeowners and residents. Stopping the spread is a community effort, and we need your help!

Click HERE for more information

The Fourth of July weekend is once again upon us, with family BBQ’s and impressive fireworks displays. The Nazareth Police Department wants to remind everyone that fireworks are restricted in areas such as the boro. Here are the Pennsylvania Law and boro ordinances regarding fireworks:

• They cannot be ignited or discharged on a public or private property without express permission of the property owner.
• They cannot be discharged from or within a motor vehicle or building.
• They cannot be discharged toward a motor vehicle or building.
• They cannot be discharged within 150 feet of an occupied structure, whether or not a person is actually present.
• They cannot be discharged while the person is under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance, or another drug.

Fireworks are safety and quality of life issue, and their effects are far from just the area where they are being discharged from. One must be considerate of their neighbors, pets, and community. Members of the Nazareth Police will be out in force responding to such issues and complaints. We ask all out citizens to enjoy this holiday and seek out one of the many 4th of July celebrations occurring in the Lehigh valley that weekend.

Boro Ordinance also states: D. It shall be a violation of this Ordinance for any person to ignite or discharge Consumer Fireworks, or for the owner or tenant of real property within the Borough to permit the ignition or discharge of Consumer Fireworks by another person on or from such property, between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m


Welcome to the Borough of Nazareth website. The borough is named for the Biblical town of Nazareth. William Penn bequeathed this land to his daughter, Letitia, who under colonial law would have had to pay a single red rose each June 24, if so demanded by the trustees. People in Nazareth celebrate this every year on June 11 and 12 by various organizations selling single red roses throughout the town.

The Borough of Nazareth, founded in 1740 by Moravian settlers, is a quaint and charming community situated in central Northampton County just four miles north of Bethlehem and seven miles northwest of Easton. Nazareth can boast of quiet and attractive neighborhoods and easy living and its 5,746 residents enjoy the Borough's great parks, heralded school system, convenient downtown and one hour access to New York City and Philadelphia. Historically, Nazareth was an industrial town with the production of cement, textiles, yarn and fabricated steel at its heart but the town will always be linked with its best known and most popular product, the Martin Guitar.

Thousands of the prized guitars are still produced each year for worldwide distribution and each summer, the town proudly hosts the annual "Martin On Main Street Festival". Serviced by its own Police Department and Vigilance Hose Volunteer Fire Company, Nazareth offers a unique community spirit which manifests itself in several traditional events like Nazareth Day, The Block Party, parades and holiday tours. The Borough can be accessed by Routes 191 which passes through the heart of the downtown and Route 33 which skirts the Borough's eastern borders.

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